I actually started writing this post last weekend, but between naps and hanging out with the family, I never completed the post. To watch Jadon grow from 1 day, to two weeks, to 6 months, to 18 months, and now 2 years has been amazing. I still remember holding Jadon days after he was born... Continue Reading →

Sabbath School

Well, it's been a little while since we have updated our blog with a face lift or post for that matter. So, I decided it was time for some changes, and this time round I am hoping I'll do more blogging than I have in the past. Recently, I been doing journalling during my morning devotions so... Continue Reading →

A little human

Every parent can't wait for the next developmental milestone in their child. Its hard to imagine that you are growing a REAL person when you first find out you're pregnant. Even when your baby is born they resemble more of a pet than a human...(you can hate me for saying that). But as each month... Continue Reading →

Student Week of Prayer 2011

The Sabbath is always a blessing in many ways, but the biggest blessing this week for me was physical rest.  Last week was probably one of my most stressful weeks this year for a number reasons: deadlines for FH, Reffing Basket Ball Games, Student Week of Prayer, and then making sure that we had "Man... Continue Reading →

Is Jesus Coming…

Advent HOPE - Friday Night Service Promo Draft from Advent HOPE Florida on Vimeo. "Is Jesus Coming In This Generation?", is the question that Advent HOPE Florida is asking with our new promo video.On June 4, 2010 we are starting and transitioning to a new Friday night service where we can bring the area youth... Continue Reading →

Cold Camping…

This past weekend Tiffany and I had the pleasure of joining our church group (Advent HOPE) on a camping trip to the Ocala National Forest.  Ocala National Forest is home to 5 or more national parks; the one Advent HOPE chose to camp at was Alexander Springs. When Tiffany and I arrived Sabbath morning we... Continue Reading →

Are you fireproof?

This past Sabbath fell on "Valentines Day".   I imagine many pastors/speakers chose to preach on love, relationships, and other related topics. Pastor Derek Morris, the Senior Pastor of Forest Lake SDA (the church we attend) titled his sermon "Fire Damage".  It is the beginning of a 3 part series on relationships that can be found... Continue Reading →

First Time for Everything…

For many of us the most vivid memories in life come when we experience things for the first time. Think back to when you were just a little had many firsts:The first time you spokeThe first time you stoodThe first time you walked for 5 seconds without fallingThen there was the teenage years...The first... Continue Reading →


Well a lot has happened since our last blog. Our apologies for not blogging before this. It seems like life has been busy, but of course that is always the excuse! We've been to a few places and done a few things, but our latest news is...we moved! We are so excited that we moved... Continue Reading →

Preach it. . .

Sabbath was another wonderful day with Advent HOPE. Only this Sabbath I was blessed to hear the message from my own husband. It really was a blessing and so said everyone this Sabbath. Unbeknown to Ronald, Pastor Derek Morris of the Forest Lake Church, chose to preach about the very same topic. So we got... Continue Reading →

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