Florida isn’t all flat?

Well, here's the story if you haven't already heard it. Tiffany likes being outside. Ronald likes making Tiffany happy. On Sabbath afternoons both Tiffany and Ronald want to go to a Florida State Park but don't want to pay. So here's the solution...buy a year-long Florida State Park pass! Yep, that's what we did. Now... Continue Reading →


Baby Showers and a Short Trip to Miami, FL

Here are a few pictures of the latest. More to come soon hopefully :)Diaper "cake"Baby Carriage All the cupcakes in the bottom right corner. Khlarisse and I labored long and hard :)Uncle Rod, Aunt Judy, Todd and Lindsay, with us in Miami, FL

Welcome to Lost Wages (Las Vegas)

I groggily turned my alarm off at 3:45 am Thursday. Time to get up. Shower, breakfast, and a short ride to the airport....so far, so good. Usually I am nervous about getting on the plane. I didn’t feel very nervous, but only excited. We had a very uneventful-long flight from Orlando to New Orleans to... Continue Reading →

Tallahassee or Bust…

As you will see below in Tiffany's post, this weekend was the weekend that we designated as our first vacation/camping trip for just the two of us. In Orlando we stay very busy and sometimes very overwhelmed with work, school, church and various other social appointments that occur from time to time.Therefore, the very needed... Continue Reading →

Carrying on the Tradition

Ronald said that if we were going to take a weekend off I would need to pick one and we'd plan in advance. I started dreaming of what we might be able to do for a special weekend away. We pondered going to Savannah, Georgia. We also thought of going to Key West. We liked... Continue Reading →

A weekend worth while

Sabbath afternoon after Advent Hope SS and church, Uncle Charlie and family came over to our apartment to share lunch with us. As you can see from the pictures Brandon came too. He is so much fun and he has so much energy. I was delighted to hear this time he remembered my name. Seeing... Continue Reading →

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