Sweet Trip

Berrien Springs Trip Since its been three years since I'd seen my dear friend Marcy, Ronald and I decided 6 months in advance that we would visit when she came home this summer from Taiwan. Besides, we said, it would be a good excuse to get out of the house! We were a little hesitant... Continue Reading →

Busyness, Joy, and Tragedy

It's been a while since either Tiffany or I have blogged.  I personally have had a weird experience when it comes to blogging, because before I got to Saipan, I had all these ideas of what I could write about and what would make our blog interesting.  The weird part is that once I was... Continue Reading →

Finally a Beach – Day 7

We came all the way to Hawaii and haven't been to the beach. Since it is always overcast where we stay it was hard to imagine it was sunny somewhere else. But is was. We drove two hours north and found a beautiful beach. The water was light turquoise, the sand white, and the beach... Continue Reading →

Big Island in Pictures – Day 6

Today, was a good day, after a long "Day 5" driving around the entire island 200+ miles, we relaxed in the morning, had a nice breakfast and decided to make a short 30 minute drive to the Pu'uhonua o Honaunau  National Historical Park. This national park is home of two significant historical landmarks: the Royal Grounds, and... Continue Reading →

Big Island in Pictures – Day 5

After yesterday, just staying around on the farm, we decided it was time to take a trip around the island and the see one of the Big Island highlights, "Akaka Falls". So we did just that, we got an early start and we headed north up the west side of the island.  The Big Island... Continue Reading →

Big Island – Day 3

No pictures from yesterday. We decided it was time to visit the beach. Despite the weather conditions, we went anyway. Since we arrived on Friday evening, it has been hazy all day long every day. The volcano is blowing its ash over this part of the Island so we've had no sun. Some parts of... Continue Reading →

Big Island in Pictures – Day 2

Yesterday was a big day as we visited the most famous spot on the Big Island, "The Hawai'i Volcano's National Park".  Along the way we had a few fun stops for scenic spots, food, and treats.  Enjoy the pictures:

Big Island in Pictures – Day 1

Good Morning Friends & Family, Tiffany and I wanted to share with you the pictures of our adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Each day we will share pictures and captions of our day in Hawaii. Sabbath marked the first full day in Hawaii, where we started with a nice breakfast, went on a... Continue Reading →

Florida isn’t all flat?

Well, here's the story if you haven't already heard it. Tiffany likes being outside. Ronald likes making Tiffany happy. On Sabbath afternoons both Tiffany and Ronald want to go to a Florida State Park but don't want to pay. So here's the solution...buy a year-long Florida State Park pass! Yep, that's what we did. Now... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Lost Wages (Las Vegas)

I groggily turned my alarm off at 3:45 am Thursday. Time to get up. Shower, breakfast, and a short ride to the airport....so far, so good. Usually I am nervous about getting on the plane. I didn’t feel very nervous, but only excited. We had a very uneventful-long flight from Orlando to New Orleans to... Continue Reading →

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