Sweet Trip

Berrien Springs Trip Since its been three years since I'd seen my dear friend Marcy, Ronald and I decided 6 months in advance that we would visit when she came home this summer from Taiwan. Besides, we said, it would be a good excuse to get out of the house! We were a little hesitant... Continue Reading →

Busyness, Joy, and Tragedy

It's been a while since either Tiffany or I have blogged.  I personally have had a weird experience when it comes to blogging, because before I got to Saipan, I had all these ideas of what I could write about and what would make our blog interesting.  The weird part is that once I was... Continue Reading →

A Trip to Paradise

As we go about our daily lives trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done today, and trying to plan for tomorrow, it's easy to be trapped in the vicious circle of the life that demands our attention to focus on the present.  In fact I think that most of the time (at least... Continue Reading →

First Company

We had our first batch of company today here in Saipan. We don't have much, and certainly nothing on our walls yet, but one whole wall has the most beautiful picture of all, the view of the Pacific. We thought we would share our view with the SMs. We had Sunday brunch at our place.... Continue Reading →

Spring 2010

Our baby thinks she can hide! CHINESE HOT POT WITH ESMOND, LYNDA, AND ETHAN Lynda and Ethan Chinese Hot Pot....it was so delicious! Shives, Odiyars and Chans Walking around Cranes Roost at Dusk (right after a Beer festival)! We escaped most of the crazies... THE MARINEZ BABY SHOWER Ruth with Baby Elena Vega Me with... Continue Reading →

In Memory of a Loved Professor

As life goes by the days sometimes become mundane. You forget about the privilege of life and begin to take it for granted. Until one day someone close to you passes away. I've been so fortunate in my life not to loose too many people in my immediate circle. But tonight as I happened upon... Continue Reading →

Cold Camping…

This past weekend Tiffany and I had the pleasure of joining our church group (Advent HOPE) on a camping trip to the Ocala National Forest.  Ocala National Forest is home to 5 or more national parks; the one Advent HOPE chose to camp at was Alexander Springs. When Tiffany and I arrived Sabbath morning we... Continue Reading →

An example in so many ways

Road trip to Tennessee again. Except this time not so fun! The bad news came, at first unexpected. It took about 30 minutes of thinking to finally get myself to imagine the impossible. Most of you know that my very beloved friend Valerie, age 25 passed away recently from Melenoma cancer. I still can't believe... Continue Reading →

My Valerie Friend

Marcy (left) Valerie (middle) TiffanyMy last year at Southern I became friends with two of the most wonderful ladies in the whole world. We became friends in a class (thanks Dr. Bishop). Before we knew it we were going out for tea every week. It became our favorite past time for each week. There seemed... Continue Reading →

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