Sweet Trip

Berrien Springs Trip Since its been three years since I'd seen my dear friend Marcy, Ronald and I decided 6 months in advance that we would visit when she came home this summer from Taiwan. Besides, we said, it would be a good excuse to get out of the house! We were a little hesitant... Continue Reading →

Busyness, Joy, and Tragedy

It's been a while since either Tiffany or I have blogged.  I personally have had a weird experience when it comes to blogging, because before I got to Saipan, I had all these ideas of what I could write about and what would make our blog interesting.  The weird part is that once I was... Continue Reading →


Back in Florida, a student in my fifth grade class once told me what his favorite food was. It was an unlikely student to share my favorite food. He was the student who would take off during recess just so we would call a "code Orange".  His name was Quenten. His favorite food: tofu. Strange.... Continue Reading →

3 Years of Marital Bliss…

Yesterday Tiffany and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary.  About 4+ years ago, while Tiffany and I were still dating I tried to take her to "The Jammery" and it was closed, so 4+ years later we finally went to breakfast at The Jammery. It's been a wonderful 3 years of marriage and I look... Continue Reading →


This week I went truly food crazy. I looked at books, magazines and websites. I made so many things. I feel like I'm in the movie Julie and Julia. Most of the things I've tried were okay but not great. I have a caring husband who will eat just about anything and we've nicknamed him... Continue Reading →

Trying to be healthy

Recently I acquired a juicer! I've been using it every few hours since then. I am so excited that I'll now have a way to easily get the vitamins and minerals that veggies and fruits offer in a juice. Plus, I like juice! I have combined apples, oranges, grapes, and spinach for an appetizing meal!... Continue Reading →

Take a moment…

As I was thinking today, I realized that life goes by so fast. I stood there and for a moment I felt like I was actually standing by while my life kept living. Although sometimes we humans can feel un-content with the here and now, we need to realize that this is all we get... Continue Reading →

Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!Tiffany and I had a fairly relaxing morning. I woke up and went to play frisbee with some friends and Tiffany had a little studying to do. Once, we accomplished a few morning tasks, we decided it was time to start making Thanksgiving dinner. It was my job to keep the kitchen clean, while... Continue Reading →

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