Children of Faith

“After my skin is destroyed, this I know, That in my flesh I shall see God”
Job 19:26

Since June 27, I have been reading the book of Job, which for many brings thoughts, questions, and struggles as we try and correlate what we read in the book of Job and how we can apply the principles to our own experiences.

On the morning of July 2, I read Job 6, by this point Job had already lost his property, his children, his health, and been reprimanded by his “three friends”. Little did I know that my Uncle Charlie was experiencing a massive heart attack and was on his way to the hospital or at the hospital breathing his last breaths, and like Job my Uncle’s wife and children just lost their husband and father.

The last 23 days have been filled with sorrow, heartache, and thousands of thoughts racing through my mind. There are too many thoughts to write down, too many emotions to express, and knowing that complete healing of this sorrow and heartache will never fully happen until Jesus comes.

I find it strangely timed that I am reading through the book of Job during this time in my life when I am experiencing my closest personal tragedy. As I already mentioned the book of Job raises many thoughts and questions and for me there is still much to learn from Job. However, since my Uncle’s funeral I have been praying for a renewed passion of ministering to others and doing my part to hasten the return of Jesus. I have also been blessed by children’s Sabbath School where the hope of Jesus’ soon return is being taught.

“The doctrine of the second advent is the very keynote of the Sacred Scriptures. From the day when the first pair turned their sorrowing steps from Eden, the children of faith have waited the coming of the Promised One to break the destroyer’s power and bring them again to the lost Paradise.”
Great Controversy, page 299

This past Sabbath in Cradle Roll I, I was reminded of how our children are taught from a young age the faith and hope we have in Jesus, as they where given crowns on their heads, sang about going to heaven on clouds of pure white, and walking on streets of gold.

Thank you Jesus for dying on the Cross to save us, and help us to continually renew ourselves as “children of faith” and share it with others.

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