30 day “eat more” challenge

Don’t roll your eyes please. For the past five years….okay I’ll just say, since I married Ronald, I’ve had to learn how to cook/bake mostly using vegan ingredients. I’ve learned a lot and I’m not bad at it. However when everybody else is looking the other way, I’m making a fried egg for breakfast. I also indulge in the ocasional feta cheese on my salad. While these things are not bad, I’ve decided to go on a 30 day break from all cheese, all milk products, and all eggs. Yes, I’m going to be completely vegan for a whole month. I haven’t decided when I will start, but probably as soon as I can use up everything in my fridge. I will also be eating more of the good stuff, because I refuse to go hungry. No this is not a diet so don’t worry about me. I totally believe a person can eat tons of the good stuff and never be hungry.

After listening to my favorite chef, Mark Anthony this week I was inspired. He said that if you don’t eat meat but still eat milk and eggs, its like smoking 50 packs of cigaretts a day instead of 60. That doesn’t sound good to me. Also, I want to know for myself that having a completely plant-based diet WILL make me feel better. I want to have more energy so I’ll start here.

I am going to make a salad bar in my refrigerator which will encourage me to eat a salad everyday. Also I have a special kale smoothie that I love. I will attempt to make it once a day or once every other day. I’ll get back to you at the end of my 30 days to let you know if I feel better.

Anyone want to join me?

BTW if you would like more information about Mark Anthony you can visit his website: http://www.chefmarkanthony.com/


4 responses to “30 day “eat more” challenge”

  1. I’ve been telling people that I’m “becoming vegan” or “trying to be vegan” for a really long time. I realized the other day that I wasn’t trying very hard. Hmm..I’ll have to check out Mark Anthony’s website.


  2. I’m vegan but I find it hard and expensive to come up with good meals. I hate to admit it but lately we’ve been eating a lot of hot dogs which is just as bad as not being vegan because it’s a lot of processed veggie meat.

    So I’m joining you in your eat more challenge. 🙂


  3. I’m in! I’m pretty good at it at home, but when I’m out its a bit harder. We’ve talking about doing the daily salad thing too, so out would be good motivation of someone else is doing it too.


  4. Looking forward to hearing how it goes! Now that Lizzy, our resident strict vegan, is moving, it’s going to be harder to really be vegan, but I really should make more of an effort!


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