Dahl and Rice


1 Tablespoon Cumin Seed (not ground)

1 Teaspoon Curry Powder (optional)

1-2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

3-4 Cloves Garlic

1 Onion Chopped

1 Package Yellow Split Peas


1 Cup Frozen Spinach Chopped

Salt to taste

Cooked Rice


In a pan heat the oil on Medium. When oil is hot pour the cumin seed into the oil and wait until the are lightly browned. Then add onions. When the onions are translucent add the garlic (this is also where I would add the curry powder). After about 2-3 minutes add the yellow split peas and stir until they are coated with the oil. As soon as the peas are coated add enough water to cover them plus about 1 inch. Turn the heat up to a gentle boil. Cook until the peas are broken and have become “one with the water” (or about 60-70 minutes). Make sure that the peas are always covered with water. You may have to add more water during the cooking time. After the peas are finished, then add in the spinach.  Cook just until spinach is warm. Then salt and serve!

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