guilty until proven innocent…

This morning was a normal morning. Before I went upstairs to take care of my baby, I put my vitamins on the counter so that later I won’t forget to take them. I proceded to go upstairs and feed the baby. Then I played with Jadon for a while until I put him in his room for a nap. As usual Ronald was in his office working and the cat was going a little stir crazy in the morning. She “rips” up the stairs and then down again with demons in her eyes!

After Jadon went to sleep I went down stairs. Glancing at the counter I noticed that the vitamins I had left there earlier were gone. I don’t remember taking them. hmmm. But with all the lost sleep, I could have taken them and not remembered. Oh well.

I poured myself some juice and walked away. Kitty was meowing. I looked down at her food. I guess I better fill the food. Ewww, there is something in her water. She always puts everything she finds around the house in her water. Gross I do not know what it is and I do not care to know, but it is water logged. It looks red and round. Yuck! I’ll get it out later. Putting my juice down to think about what I’ll do next I look over to the counter and remember my vitamins. I really don’t remember taking them…..where could they have gone? hmmmmm……..Wait, that thing in the kitty water sure looks a lot like my vitamin. *picking it out* yep, it is.

Guilty until proven innocent.

(At least she is getting her vitamins)

One response to “guilty until proven innocent…”

  1. Haha!! Silly Bu!


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