New Year Developments

I keep wishing that I could write more about Jadon’s new developments because I know I’ll forget them later, or when we have our next child. So that’s what I’ll do. Write.

This month flew by. It all started with lots of frustration with Jadon’s sleeping…or lack thereof. He wouldn’t sleep more than 4 hours at a time by the time he had completed his 2nd month. I thought he was supposed to be sleeping at least 7 hours by that time. I was afraid of having so much company with a baby that keeps me up all night. But slowly through the month he lengthened his sleeping to be about 6-7 hours at a time, which pretty much extended through the holidays. However there were a couple of random nights that he slept 10 hours which I thought was because of over-stimulation. Then as the holidays drew to a close and we drew near to completing his 3rd month he starting sleeping from 10:00 pm until 7:30 am. I was afraid it was just a fluke or a tired spell, but its been fairly consistent for about 2 weeks now. I do think it will last but I’m prepared that there might be a few hiccups along the way. All I can say is “Yeah” and “Praise God”! God knows that I need my sleep so badly.

Our next project is to get Jadon to extend the time between feedings and take fewer but longer naps during the day. I expect that these things will take time and patience.

I’m so happy with Jadon’s progress. I’ve been so wrapped up in his growing and maturing that I think I’ve pretty much missed the world go around me. I feel bad if I’ve not paid attention to friends or kept in touch. Also I was told by my dear and favorite sister-in-law to write about something other than my baby…… 🙂 There’s not really much to write!  I started painting again and I hope to learn to sew some basic things this year too. Ronald and I have started to talk about activities to include into our family time. Other than that we went ice-skating once and hope to go again soon. There’s not very much to do around Lincoln this time of year unless you go to the movies or have a gym membership. We’ll keep you updated though if we do anything else exciting.

Until then, we hope you are having an exciting New Year and come closer to Jesus this year. Pray for us as we continue to strive to be good parents and children of God.

2 responses to “New Year Developments”

  1. Did I really tell you to write about other stuff (or do you have another sister-in-law I don’t know about?!?!)? That must have been before Jadon was born, because now, all I want is to see pictures and videos of him and what he’s doing!! Keep on posting!!


  2. Sarah-Jane Shearer Avatar
    Sarah-Jane Shearer

    great post and great idea! we love seeing his development and seeing your joy discovering it 🙂 looking forward to seeingyou guys!


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