Jadon Month 2

We are truly blessed and amazed to watch a little life grow in our care. I’m everyday reminded how much I need God’s help in raising a child. My patience and wisdom is so limited! But Jadon gives us so much joy.

Yesterday, December 5, was Jadon’s 2-month checkup. The good news is that he is huge. He is 24.5 inches long. He weighs 12.8lbs. We are so excited about how fast he’s growing. He sleeps about 4.5 hours at night at a time, which makes me very tired, but slowly we’re hoping he can sleep longer. The bad news is that he also has some things we need to take care of. Poor baby has something called Torticolis. His neck is stiff which makes it hard for him to turn his neck to the left. Thus he has a flat head on one side. The next problem is his left testicle. Hopefully in the next few months it will drop or we might also have to take some more serious measures to deal with it.

But other than that we are enjoying spending lots of time with him and watching him develop. He can hold his head up for limited amounts of time and he smiles and cooos (sp?). He loves to smile at his Grandma Verna.

We are looking forward to having lots of family, food, and snow for the holidays. All the Odiyars and Blankenships will be together for this Christmas to celebrate the life of little Jadon. Looking forward to the memories it will create!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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