A morning thought

Three out of five mornings a week I ride with the school principal to work. Since we live in the same building, it is more convenient to ride with him, than have Ronald take me to school. Most mornings we have good conversations about what food we miss the most from the states. Sometimes we poke fun at typical Saipan lifestyle, because its an easy target. Often we discuss which places in the world we’d like to live. Our morning conversations are always nice, but this morning it was different than the usual. This morning we started talking about all the things we’d like to complain about but know we shouldn’t. Around the world there is so much suffering, and once in a while we should stop and thank God for our blessings. I told him that even living here as made me thankful for the things I had at home in the States. But as I thought that thought, it made me realize that in Saipan, I always dwell on what I don’t have, but I really do have life good. I am going to try to make today a day to focus on the blessings, instead of the bad things.

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