This new year has brought many new challenges for me. Since the beginning of February I can’t remember what it feels like to NOT be tired. Pregnancy will do that to you, I’ve heard. Daily I struggle with my students to do as their told. They constantly test my patience. They’re not as cute as they were in the first half of the school year.

With the new year came new students. Many Koreans send their children to Saipan in January for their winter break to learn more English. Most of them are discipline challenged students. I had one that would punch others. I was glad when she left. Not knowing English is probably the smallest problem with many of these students. Since January I’ve had a handful of other permanent students arrive and some students have left. You sure have to be adaptable as a teacher.

Crying was the first thing I learned to deal with. Each of my first graders cried on the first day. Most of the crying subsided after the first day. I have several who cry intermittently. But I have one who cries almost daily.

Pooping was my biggest fear. The fear of feces I would call it. I confided in many of my peers before the beginning of the year started that I feared a pooper the most. Well….guess what I got? yep! One of those. Miraculously he learned how to control himself after October, so I nominated him student of the month for the lower grades. It was a good day.

Along with other bodily fluids that escape the students, blood is a common one. Lately one of my girls gets a bloody nose nearly every day. Of course the only one willing to clean any of this up is the teacher responsible.

As a teacher, I’ve learned to teach on the go, juggle 50 things in my head at once, teach two different classes at the same time, hold my pee for hours, put up with a giant headache amidst deafening noise, run to the office and watch my students simultaneously, eat my lunch in 10 minutes, and a host of other things.

Now, not every second is bad in the teaching business. Some moments are rewarding. I’ll post those later 🙂

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