Student Week of Prayer 2011

The Sabbath is always a blessing in many ways, but the biggest blessing this week for me was physical rest.  Last week was probably one of my most stressful weeks this year for a number reasons: deadlines for FH, Reffing Basket Ball Games, Student Week of Prayer, and then making sure that we had “Man on the Street” ready for each day of Student Week of Prayer. I think I probably only averaged about 5.5 hours of sleep each night which for me is way to little.  But now that they weekend if over, and I have caught up with sleep, I look forward to resuming a regular schedule.

I have embedded the “Man on the Street” playlist from youtube with the final cut of each video.  I hope you enjoy them!

2 responses to “Student Week of Prayer 2011”

  1. Good job Ron! Those were some hard, abstract questions! I don’t think I’d even know how to answer them. Wow you must have some advanced students! 🙂


  2. Cool! I finally got time to watch all of them! Great job!


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