Are you fireproof?

This past Sabbath fell on “Valentines Day”.   I imagine many pastors/speakers chose to preach on love, relationships, and other related topics.

Pastor Derek Morris, the Senior Pastor of Forest Lake SDA (the church we attend) titled his sermon “Fire Damage“.  It is the beginning of a 3 part series on relationships that can be found at in the coming weeks.

In his sermon he covered areas of life that can cause fire damage, but in the middle of the sermon he played a clip from the movie called “Fireproof“, which won “Inspirational Movie of the Year” for 2008.

You could probably guess that he encouraged everyone to go watch a movie that may help your relationship, even if you are not on the brink of divorce or anything close.  Well, he not only encouraged it, he said it was such a powerful movie that the church staff bought a site license so that the church could play the movie to as many people as would like to see it.

Since Valentines Sabbath Tiffany and I have bought and watched the movie and we thought that it was such a good movie for everyone, what we wanted to blog about it.  Whether your relationship is good or bad you will benefit from this movie, and we pray that you will also share it with others.

Above I have inserted some links to the movie website, and Pastor Morris’ sermon, but below you can also see a 30 second TV commercial, a longer trailer, and for more resources go to:

I hope enjoy the movie,


Fireproof – 30 Second TV Commercial
[flashvideo file=”wp-content/uploads/2009/02/fireproof-30-sec-commerical.flv” /]

Fireproof – Official Trailer
[flashvideo file=”wp-content/uploads/2009/02/fireproof-official-trailer.flv” /]

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