First Time for Everything…

For many of us the most vivid memories in life come when we experience things for the first time. Think back to when you were just a little toddler….you had many firsts:

  • The first time you spoke
  • The first time you stood
  • The first time you walked for 5 seconds without falling

Then there was the teenage years…

  • The first time you drove a car
  • The first time you got a job for real money
  • The first time

There were many first times in college and definitely many first times when you graduated from college. Which brings Tiffany and me to our current times.

The last couple of years I have experienced my first full time job after college, we have experienced our first apartment together, we bought our first furniture together and we have also made our first move together (apartment number 2).

But more recently I have experienced my first job restructure at work. Originally under the Financial Planning Department, a steering committee at the hospital decided that Financial Planning should no longer be in the business of computer/database programming. Therefore half of our team: Duncan (Manager), Albert (Programmer), and me (Programmer) were moved to Management Information Systems which is the computer side of the hospital.

The implications of this move are: we are now in a different building, we can now wear kaki’s and polo shirts to work every day, and we have more room for growth. However, the down side is that our department was split in half and the friendships I had over the last two years are now strained with those who did not make the move.

I guess with all that said, sometimes firsts are not always the most joyful experience. Below are some pictures of Albert and I in our new cubes…



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