Well a lot has happened since our last blog. Our apologies for not blogging before this. It seems like life has been busy, but of course that is always the excuse! We’ve been to a few places and done a few things, but our latest news is…we moved! We are so excited that we moved into a much better apartment that has what seems like twice the room as the other. We are very happy here. And God really blessed us here with a free “upgrade” (a lake side view). This was not planned but happened out of God’s grace and we didn’t even have to pay for it!
There are a few things that I thought about while moving.

1. I learned that two is always better than one! (Having Ronald help me move was twice as fast, half as hard, and so much more fun than moving by myself.)
2. I learned that after you get married you accumulate a lot more stuff.
3. I wish there was a little vacuum to clean the big vacuum (Brittany I know you’ll know what I mean).
4. Never underestimate the power of a closet! (It’s amazing how much stuff you can fit in a closet for storage, something that we did NOT have in our other apartment, but we have in abundance here in the new place.)
5. Company on the first day in your new place is great motivation to organize and clean.

Those are just a few things I thought about while moving that I wanted to share. 🙂

I’ll post more pictures of our recent adventures soon. Stay tuned!

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